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What is H3DAPI

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H3DAPI is an open source haptics software development platform that uses the open standards OpenGL and X3D with haptics in one unified scene graph to handle both graphics and haptics. H3DAPI is cross platform and haptic device independent. It enables audio integration as well as stereography on supported displays.

Unlike most other scene graph APIs, H3DAPI is designed chiefly to support a special rapid development process. By combining X3D, C++ and the scripting language Python, H3DAPI offers three ways of programming applications that offer the best of both worlds – execution speed where performance is critical, and development speed where performance is less critical.

H3DAPI is written in C++, and is designed to be extensible, ensuring that developers possess the freedom and means to customize and add any needed haptics or graphics features in H3DAPI for their applications.

H3DAPI has been used to develop a diverse range of haptics and multimodal applications in various fields including but not limited to dental, medical, industrial and visualization. To encourage learning and growth in the use of haptics technology, H3DAPI is open source and released under the GNU GPL license, with options for commercial licensing.

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If you:
Need help?
SenseGraphics (the company behind H3D) offers several services to help you in your application development process.


Don't waste precious time and effort with trial and error at the beginning of your project. Training courses are available to provide you with all the information you need in order to start developing haptic applications. Training can be done at your facilities or in SenseGraphics main office in Stockholm, Sweden, and can be custom made to suit your purposes. (more info)

Application design and development (consulting)

Avoid common pitfalls and early design mistakes that can lead to project delays and unsuitable design by tapping in to SenseGraphics vast experience in haptic application development. With over 10 years of experience of development of haptic APIs, medical simulators, dental simulators, rehabilitation games, virtual prototyping and much more we can help in the design process and application development cutting the development time down (more info)

Research application development

Not interested in programming, but forced to write programs to collect data for your research purposes? Do your efforts tend to take more time than anticipated causing long delays and time away from your actual research interest? SenseGraphics can do the development for you, letting you focus on your research. We are experienced in haptic program development and can complete the program in a short time. Given a specification we can give a fixed price for the development. (more info)

Looking for new haptic hardware?
Please support the continued development of H3DAPI and HAPI by purchasing your haptic hardware from SenseGraphics. We provide a variety of devices as well as integrated immersive display solutions with haptics customized to your needs. We strive to work together with our customers to find the best suitable solution and build a relationship that lasts beyond just a hardware sale.
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