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H3DAPI 2.3.0 Windows Installer

Windows installer for H3DAPI 2.3.0 the open source haptics development platform. Documentation and manual available at the documentation page. Installation guide is available in the H3DAPI manual.

Changes for version 2.3.0:
- Generated header is moved to CMake build directory and can only be found in H3DAPI/include after INSTALL project has been built.
- Speed optimizations that could affect some compilers.
- Updates to CMake build system to build properly when TortoiseSVN is installed but the current H3D build is not a TortoiseSVN checkout.
- Added a InstallH3DAPIAndExternals.cmake package file which can be used by applications to package up needed files by the current H3DAPI build.
- Added profiling of haptics and graphics thread if built with profile support. Profiling is not enabled in the released binaries.
- A lot of performance improvements. H3DAPI should render faster in many cases now.
- Scene::findNode* functions now handle Inline. FindNode* functions are now static.
- Updates to fix artifacts with GPU shadows.
- X3DTextureNode nodes can now have their current state saved as PNG.
- Fixed issues with QUAD_BUFFERED_STEREO.
- Updates to handle protos better.
- If GLUT gameMode is used then GLUTWindow now still handle keyboard inputs properly.
- Many updates to FrameBufferTextureGenerator. Such as setting local NavigationInfo, handling shadows, support for new DEPTH_BUFFER types and support for external color and/or depth buffer for buffer storage. It should also now work properly with QUAD_BUFFERED_STEREO mode.
- Memory leak fixes.
- Some field types had unitialized default values, this is fixed now.
- Added optional COPY option for USE statement. Can be useful when there are nodes which does not handle the DEF/USE system that well.
- Use F11 to switch to/from fullscreen in H3DLoad.
- Renamed FindTeem.cmake to FindH3DTeem.cmake in order to use CMakes new FindTeem module if it exists. Did the same for FindFreeType.cmake.
- DirectShowDecoder now plays wmv files.
- PointSet, LineSet, IndexedLineSet now have vertex attribute support.
- Doxygen documentation now links to python documentation as well.
- Extrusion now calculates normal per triangle face instead of per quad face.
- Improved the static and dynamic database so getField function is now faster.
- H3DWindowNode has a takeScreenShot static function.
- Made it possible to put multiple objects in a ShadowTransform node.

New H3D nodes:

New python functionality:
- Added getTypeName, getValueAsString, setValueAsString, setName, getName, getFullName, isUpToDate, upToDate, replaceRoute, replaceRouteNoEvent, unrouteAll, getOwner and setOwner functions for fields.
- Added takeScreenshot and findNodes function.

H3DViewer updates:
- Can now copy current log text to clipboard.
- Added dialog to show profiling information if profiling is enabled.
- TreeViewer only expand X3DGroupingNode at first view now.
- QUAD_BUFFERED_STEREO should work properly again.
- Updates to handle QUAD_BUFFERED_STEREO on an NVIDIA_3DVISION ready display with a non-quadro card. Note that this requires a special built wxWidgets. WxWidgets adopted a patch supplied by us so in the future this should work for standard releases of WxWidgets. The patch is actually applied in wxWidgets 3.0 release.
- Updates to make sure that the stereo menu disables stereo modes that can not be switched to after selected a stereo mode.
- Added "-dp" command line switch to disable plugins at startup.
- Made sure that starting up in fullscreen results in displaying window in windowed mode as short time as possible.
- Faster startup due to optimizations.

Compatability issues:
- Changed default depth buffer type of FrameBufferTextureGenerator.
- Not binary compatible due to changes to database and inheritance for some nodes.
- ShadowTransform::shadowVolume is now of MFNode type, was SFNode.
- Fields beamWidth and cutOffAngle in SpotLight node now have default values which makes sense as per update of X3D specification 3.3.

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Submitter: Markus
Released: Fri, 13-Jun-2014

Version: 2.3.0
Downloads: 3924
File Size: 269.59 MB
Platform: None
Home Page: SenseGraphics

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Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 12h27min
ISDN(64k) : 11h54min
DSL(768k) : 1h54min
LAN(10M) : 4.2min

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H3DAPI 2.3.0 Windows Installer copyright 2019 http://www.h3dapi.org

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