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HAPI 1.1.1 Windows Installer

NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE LATEST HAPI release for windows. The latest one can be found in H3DAPI 2.3.0 windows installer

HAPI is a haptics rendering C++ library from the makers of H3DAPI. It is the library used by H3DAPI 2.1.1 but can be used separately. HAPI documentation is avaliable at the documentation page.

HAPI should be used when developing haptics applications (when H3DAPI is not desired). It is a modular library and is easily customized to the developers requirements.

The H3DAPI 2.1.1 package for Windows is bundled with HAPI which means that this distribution is usually not needed for users of H3DAPI.

HAPI 1.1.1 contains fixes for bugs discovered in HAPI 1.1.
Changes for version 1.1.1:
- CMake support for OpenHaptics 3.0.
- Memory leak fixes.
- Various bug fixes in the renderers.
- Updates to compile for Visual Studio 2010 and gcc 3.1.1.
- PhantomHapticsDevice now reports usable work space in meters.
- CMake build updates. Variables that points to include directories and
libraries are now grouped together for each external library.

  • HAPI
  • Haptics library

Submitter: Markus
Released: Tue, 06-Apr-2010

Version: 1.1.1
Downloads: 2373
File Size: 32.00 MB
Platform: Windows
Home Page: SenseGraphics

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Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 1h28min
ISDN(64k) : 1h17min
DSL(768k) : 6.5min
LAN(10M) : 30s

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HAPI 1.1.1 Windows Installer copyright 2019 http://www.h3dapi.org

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