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UI 2.1.1 Source Code

This is the source package of UI 2.1.1. It is compatible with H3DAPI 2.1.1. It contains the source code needed to build the UI. Cross platform, works on Windows/Linux/Mac OS. It is a collection of nodes that can be used to add a haptic user interface in a H3D scene.

Allow for creation of buttons, slider bars etc touchable by haptics device or mouse..

Changes for version 2.1.1:
- Updates to compile with gcc 3.1 on linux and mac.
- Updates to compile on 64-bit linux.
- Updates for visual studio 2010. Should be considered in test mode.

  • UI
  • Haptic UI
  • Haptic user interface

Submitter: Markus
Released: Tue, 06-Apr-2010

Version: 2.1.1
Downloads: 1551
File Size: 144.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: SenseGraphics

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Modem(56k) : 23s
ISDN(64k) : 20s
DSL(768k) : 2s
LAN(10M) : 0.13s

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UI 2.1.1 Source Code copyright 2019 http://www.h3dapi.org

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