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Dicom file reader

Contains a file reader node(DicomImageLoader) for H3D API built on DCMTK (http://dicom.offis.de/) that allows you to use DICOM files as input in e.g. Image3DTexture nodes and with nodes in VHTK.

Submitter: daniel
Released: Tue, 31-Jul-2007

Version: Alpha 1
Downloads: 1615
File Size: 3.53 MB
Platform: None
Home Page: www.sensegraphics.com

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Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 9.8min
ISDN(64k) : 8.6min
DSL(768k) : 43s
LAN(10M) : 3s

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Dicom file reader copyright 2019 http://www.h3dapi.org

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