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MedX3D 1.2.0 Source Code

Source package for the toolkit MedX3D 1.2. Source builds against H3DAPI 2.1.1.

MedX3D is an implementation of Volume Rendering component of X3D.

MedX3D contains nodes for visual rendering of volume data, such as medical data from CT/MRI-scans. A correct X3D file using X3D volume rendering component nodes must specify a volume data node, a volume style node and the data for which to apply this style.
The existing volume data nodes are:
- VolumeData
- SegmentedVolumeData
- IsoSurfaceVolumeData

The styles to choose from are:
- BlendedVolumeStyle.
- BoundaryEnhancementVolumeStyle
- CartoonVolumeStyle
- ComposedVolumeStyle
- EdgeEnhancementVolumeStyle
- ISOSurfaceVolumeStyle
- MIPVolumeStyle, deprecated, use ProjectionVolumeStyle instead.
- OpacityMapVolumeStyle
- ProjectionVolumeStyle
- ShadedVolumeStyle
- SilhouetteEnhancementVolumeStyle
- ToneMappedVolumeStyle

The formats for volume data supported by MedX3D toolkit are:
- raw
- nrrd

MedX3D also supports preintegrated volume rendering, cubic filtering and stochastic jittering.

The MedX3D toolkit also contains various extra nodes not specified in the specification for the volume rendering component, such as an implementation of the Marching cubes algorithm and various nodes to extend the functionality of MedX3D.

MedX3D does not contain any specific haptic features.

The X3D specification for the Volume Rendering component has not yet been released so this toolkit might have to change a bit in the future.

Important changes for version 1.2.0:
New nodes:
- BlendedVolumeStyle.
- ProjectionVolumeStyle

Deprecated nodes:
- MIPVolumeStyle, use ProjectionVolumeStyle instead.

Node name changes:
- ISOSurfaceVolumeData -> IsoSurfaceVolumeData

Various changes:
- MedX3D now compiles on gcc 3.1.1.
- Updates to compile on visual studio 2010.

  • MedX3D
  • H3DAPI
  • Volume Rendering

Submitter: Markus
Released: Tue, 06-Apr-2010

Version: 1.2.0
Downloads: 1910
File Size: 7.65 MB
Platform: None
Home Page: SenseGraphics

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Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 21.2min
ISDN(64k) : 18.6min
DSL(768k) : 1.5min
LAN(10M) : 7s

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MedX3D 1.2.0 Source Code copyright 2019 http://www.h3dapi.org

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