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H3DViewer 2.3.0 for Windows 64 bit

H3DViewer 2.3.0 standalone browser for Windows 64 bit.

This is the H3DViewer browser packaged for Windows 64 bit without any source code. It can be used to view X3D files with or without H3D (haptics) content.

The package also contains several plugins. These are:
H3DPhysics - Used when handling files containing features of the RigidBodyPhysics component of the X3D specification as well as an inofficial extension to handle soft bodies.
MedX3D - Used when handling files containing features of the upcoming MedX3D component of the X3D specification.
UI - Used to build haptic 3D user interface in H3D API scenes.

The code for H3DViewer and its plugins are all downloadable from the downloads section.

Changes for version 2.3.0:
- Can now copy current log text to clipboard.
- Added dialog to show profiling information if profiling is enabled.
- TreeViewer only expand X3DGroupingNode at first view now.
- QUAD_BUFFERED_STEREO should work properly again.
- Updates to handle QUAD_BUFFERED_STEREO on an NVIDIA_3DVISION ready display with a non-quadro card. Note that this requires a special built wxWidgets. WxWidgets adopted a patch supplied by us so in the future this should work for standard releases of WxWidgets.
- Updates to make sure that the stereo menu disables stereo modes that can not be switched to after selected a stereo mode.
- Added "-dp" command line switch to disable plugins at startup.
- Made sure that starting up in fullscreen results in displaying window in windowed mode as short time as possible.
- Faster startup due to optimizations.

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Submitter: Markus
Released: Fri, 13-Jun-2014

Version: 2.3.0
Downloads: 9630
File Size: 0 bytes
Platform: Windows
Home Page: SenseGraphics

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H3DViewer 2.3.0 for Windows 64 bit copyright 2019 http://www.h3dapi.org

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