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Category: MedX3D
Documentation for MedX3D for H3DAPI 2.0. View Full Details
Submitter: Markus
Released:   Thu, 27-Nov-2008

Doxygen documentation for MedX3D released for H3DAPI 2.0.
Version: 1.0.1
Downloads: 1332
File Size: 627.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: H3D

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Category: Nodes
Dicom file reader View Full Details
Submitter: daniel
Released:   Tue, 31-Jul-2007

Contains a file reader node(DicomImageLoader) for H3D API built on DCMTK (http://dicom.offis.de/) that allows you to use DICOM files as input in e.g. Image3DTexture nodes and with nodes in VHTK.
Version: Alpha 1
Downloads: 1617
File Size: 3.53 MB
Platform: None

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Category: Tools
DisReal View Full Details
Submitter: Markus
Released:   Tue, 31-Jul-2007

DisReal is a development environment designed to create 3D applications.
DisReal includes a great amount of utilities for creating X3D and H3D scenes. These utilities have been designed with an objective, avoiding the need to remember the X3D and H3D language's syntax.

If you want more information and/or want to give credits and/or suggestions please contact the DisReal team through the DisReal homepage.
Version: 0
Downloads: 1316
File Size: 10.08 MB
Platform: None

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