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Category: MedX3D
Source for MedX3D for H3DAPI 2.0 View Full Details
Submitter: Markus
Released:   Thu, 27-Nov-2008

Source package for the toolkit MedX3D. Source builds against H3DAPI 2.0.

MedX3D is an implementation of Volume Rendering component of X3D.

MedX3D contains nodes for visual rendering of volume data, such as medical data from CT/MRI-scans. A correct X3D file using X3D volume rendering component nodes must specify a volume data node, a volume style node and the data for which to apply this style.
The existing volume data nodes are:
- VolumeData
- SegmentedVolumeData
- ISOSurfaceVolumeData

The styles to choose from are:
- BoundaryEnhancementVolumeStyle
- CartoonVolumeStyle
- EdgeEnhancementVolumeStyle
- ISOSurfaceVolumeStyle
- MIPVolumeStyle
- OpacityMapVolumeStyle
- ShadedVolumeStyle
- SilhouetteEnhancementVolumeStyle
- ToneMappedVolumeStyle
- ComposedVolumeStyle

The formats for volume data supported by MedX3D toolkit are:
- raw
- nrrd

The MedX3D toolkit also contains various extra nodes not specified in the specification for the volume rendering component, such as an implementation of the Marching cubes algorithm and various nodes to extend the functionality of MedX3D.

MedX3D does not contain any specific haptic features.

The X3D specification for the Volume Rendering component has not yet been released so this toolkit might have to change a bit in the future. When the Volume Rendering component specification is released it is likely that the MedX3D nodes will be incorporated in H3DAPI and not released as a separate toolkit.
Version: 1.0.1
Downloads: 1402
File Size: 806.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: H3D

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Category: Nodes
SpaceWareSensor With Resets View Full Details
Submitter: pbph3d
Released:   Wed, 16-Apr-2008

A bit of an uggly hack to add enable resetting of rotations and translations applied through the SpaceWareSensor node. Needed since you are not allowed (for whatever reason) to route to any field in the SpaceWareSensor node.
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 1201
File Size: 2.19 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: Not Specified

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Category: Nodes
ShadowCaster nodes View Full Details
Submitter: daniel
Released:   Tue, 31-Jul-2007

Nodes to perform shadow casting using the stencil buffer(which means it cannot be run on the Sharp auto-stereoscopic laptop with H3D API). Shadows can be casted from boxes and spheres at the moment. Feel free to add other geometries.
Version: 0.1
Downloads: 1464
File Size: 18.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: Not Specified

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Category: Tools
Shell - A Python shell for run-time scene graph modifications View Full Details
Submitter: karlu
Released:   Tue, 31-Jul-2007

Shell is a script that sets up a Tcl/Tk window outside the H3D API 3D
rendering of the scene graph. Into this window can be entered Python
code to modify the run-time scene graph by adding or removing nodes or
updating and reading of values of fields. The window is split in two
halved providing one half for input, the Python scripts, and one half
for output, both error messages and results from printing commands.
Version: 1.0.1
Downloads: 1185
File Size: 10.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: Not Specified

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