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MMVR20 Sofa/H3D Workshop - Slides View Full Details
Submitter: sebu
Released:   Mon, 11-Mar-2013

Slides from MMVR20 Workshop: "Physics-Based Medical Simulation with Haptic Rendering using SOFA and H3D".

See also Win32 Binary Demo in download section and check sofa-framework.org for more material from the workshop as well.
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 1272
File Size: 1.56 MB
Platform: None
Home Page: SenseGraphics AB

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ITSCube Python module View Full Details
Submitter: juliana
Released:   Mon, 05-Jan-2009

Helper Python module for creating cuboid from IndexedTriangleSet.
To create cuboid use either 2 functions:
- createConstantITSCube()
- createITSCube()
Function parameters are explained in file.

Usage example at Clay with deformable shape tutorial on the H3D wiki.
Version: 0
Downloads: 1279
File Size: 1.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: Not Specified

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OPT_flower_bud_RGB_volume_VHTK_rendered View Full Details
Submitter: JohannS
Released:   Tue, 31-Jul-2007

This is an RGB volume of a flower bud obtained with Optical Projection Tomography (OPT). Rendering is performed with a modified version of class VolumeRenderer in VHTK. The focus of our work is the analysis of plant organ shape. So far this has been done using 2d shape models derived from 2d images of flattened leafs or petals. Now we would like to extend this to 3d images. We are interested in H3D and VHTK because of its 3d pointing/picking and volume rendering capabilities that come out-of-the-box.
Version: 0
Downloads: 1444
File Size: 219.00 KB
Platform: None
Home Page: Not Specified

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