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The HapticMaster
The HapticMaster

The HapticMaster is a 3 degrees of freedom, force-controlled haptic interface. It provides the user with a crisp haptic sensation and the power to closely simulate the weight and force found in a wide variety of human tasks. The programmable robot arm utilizes the admittance control (force control) paradigm, giving the device unique haptic specifications.

End effectors

The HapticMaster can be equipped with different end effectors, facilitating different applications.

  • Standard end effector
    The passive end effector comprises a simple ball grip. At the base of the grip a push button is placed which can be connected to software applications. The standard end effector comes with the HapticMaster.
  • Passive end effector with 3DOF orientation measurement
    Equipped with a universal clamp, this end effector can be used for applications requiring the measurement of 3 additional degrees of freedom. All 3 rotational axes intersect in one point, also the location of the instrument tip. This provides the user with a natural and realistic simulation of the real-world usage of the instrument.
  • Custom-made end effector
    The HapticMaster can be fitted with any customized end effector. Any self-made end effector below 3 kg can be mounted at the end of the HapticMASTER robot arm.


HapticMaster workspace
HapticMaster workspace
Control type Admittance (force control)
Active degrees of freedom 3 (x,y,z)
Power requirement 500 W
Voltage requirement 90 - 264 VAC
Console height 0.8 [m] 31.5 [in]
Position resolution 4x10-6 - 12x10-6 [m] 1.6 X 10-4 [in]
Stiffness 10x103 - 50x103 [N/m] 285.5 [lbf/in]
Nominal/max force 100/250 [N] 22.5/56.2 [lbf]
Minimal tip inertia 2 [kg] 4.4 [lb]
Maximum velocity 1.0 [m/s] 39.4 [in/s]
Maximum deceleration 50 [m/s2] 39.4 [in/s2]
Force sensitivity 0.01 [N] 2.25x10-3 [lbf]

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