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Posted on: 5/24 14:56

Re: Running H3D window on second screen

In H3DViewer it is implemented in H3DViewerApp.cpp in the
MyApp::OnInit function.

Also double check H3DLoad command lines so I am not completely out of the blue, but I can't find anything in the code regarding this.

Posted on: 5/24 7:42

Re: Running H3D window on second screen

We have a task in our backlog (not the public one) about unifying the command line options for H3DLoad/H3DViewer.
For H3DViewer you can set the position/size (at least if you build the latest trunk).
For H3DLoad I am afraid it looks like only size can be set. If you are not opposed to modifying this yourself you could just add a similar option to your H3DLoad as the one that is in H3DViewer.

Posted on: 5/22 9:09

Re: RuntimeError: UnableToCreatePythonField: fieldAsPythonObject()

It looks like you are mixing concepts a bit.

traverseSG is using the update function of the class Trial which kind of looks like an class that should inherit from the field types in H3DInterface and should be using the routing system.

Whichever system you are using ( traverseSG or the other setup with fields and routes) does not really matter but it was a bit confusing to me at first.

If this code is correct, then the first time traverseSG will be called the cylinder will change to the new color. Which color are you actually seeing when you start the program (maybe it changes so fast that you do not notice).

And finally, this really looks like some kind of recursive issue.
If your x3d file is called Trials.x3d then you can see that it includes the python script file Trials.py which then loads Trials.x3d which then loads Trials.py and I really do not know what to expect in this case (the module should only load once, but it is still quite weird).
You can either use the references field to give the node you are interested in to python or use getNamedNode() function in python.

Posted on: 5/14 9:10

Re: How can I update SmoothSurface stiffness with python?

UpdateStiffness is a wrapper name. Look at the base class for this particular field and you can see that it inherits from SFFloat. The field itself is inputOutput so you can treat it as an SFFloat field just fine.

The purpose of this particular field is to properly transfer the value it is set to into the haptic loop at some point.

Posted on: 5/2 8:15

Re: HDEV proxyPosition not generating events

Sounds like you might have already figured out the reason.

Due to lazy evaluation the update function will only be run if getValue is done on the field somewhere in the chain. Such as being done directly on the field or if it is routed to a field which someone is trying to get the value of. If you use the decorators AutoUpdate or PeriodicUpdate you have a different behaviour though as you have noticed. For most cases I would recommend PeriodicUpdate over AutoUpdate but it does depend a bit on what the field is supposed to be used for.

Posted on: 5/2 8:12

Re: getValueByIndex() not compatible with MFVec3f ?

You nailed it. It is about the documentation.

There are two sets of class documenation for H3D. One for C++ and one for the python level.

Please refer to this one for python for 2.3 release:
http://www.h3dapi.org/uploads/api/H3D ... b/doc/html/annotated.html

Or this one if you use trunk:
http://www.h3dapi.org/uploads/api/Tru ... I/lib/doc/html/index.html

If I remember correctly there is no version for it in python. You have to do yourfield.getValue()[your_index]

Posted on: 4/20 10:23

Re: invalid return value from update()

From the python point of view the MFString type of a field contains a list of strings.
So you need to return


that is, including the brackets.

[EDIT] I put in a task in our internal system to make the error message better.
So some time in the future

Posted on: 4/18 10:12

Re: Adding a custom force node to H3D

That is indeed the way to do it.

Posted on: 3/19 9:10

Re: Adding a custom force node to H3D

Just to correct a potential confusion.
The Vec3(1,1,1)*damping->getValue() is there simply because the underlying HAPI force effect expects a HAPI::Vec3 while the damping field in the Node is declared as a float.
For that reason I simply made a quick solution.
Note that this solution is most likely not what you want simply because Vec3(1,1,1) is not a normalized vector.
I would recommend changing this to something that makes more sense in your case.

Posted on: 3/16 10:14

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