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VHTK in Visual Studio 2005
I tried to open the VHTK project in Visual Studio 2005. A conversion wizard indicated that it was created under a previous version and must be converted but there were 2 errors that prevented conversion. I've pasted the conversion log below even though it is fairly long. Has anyone used Visual Studio 2005 for VHTK? I have just installed this software version and do not have Visual Studio 2003. I appreciate any advice on how to proceed.

Conversion Issues - VHTK.vcproj:
Visual C++ now supports a secure version of the C Runtime Library. Use of this library is turned on by default. You may see some warnings about deprecated functions when you build your project. It is advised that you correct these warnings, in order to make your code more secure.
The C/C++ compiler default settings have been modified to be more compliant with ISO Standard C++. Included in those changes are enforcing Standard C++ for loop scoping and supporting wchar_t as a native type. These changes may cause existing code to no longer compile without changes to the code or the compiler options with which it is built.
Project file successfully backed up as 'C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 5 for VHTK_1.4.zip\VHTK\build\win32\vc7\VHTK.vcproj.7.10.old'.
Due to the requirement that Visual C++ projects produce an embedded (by default) Windows SxS manifest, manifest files in the project are automatically excluded from building with the Manifest Tool. It is recommended that the dependency information contained in any manifest files be converted to "#pragma comment(linker,"")" in a header file that is included from your source code. If your project already embeds a manifest in the RT_MANIFEST resource section through a resource (.rc) file, the line will need to be commented out before the project will build correctly.
Due to a conformance change in the C++ compiler, code change may be required before your project will build without errors. Previous versions of the C++ compiler allowed specification of member function pointers by member function name (e.g. MemberFunctionName). The C++ standard requires a fully qualified name with the use of the address-of operator (e.g. &ClassName::MemberFunctionName). If your project contains forms or controls used in the Windows Forms Designer, you may have to change code in InitializeComponent because the designer generated code used the non-conformant syntax in delegate construction (used in event handlers).
Failed to upgrade project file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 5 for VHTK_1.4.zip\VHTK\build\win32\vc7\VHTK.vcproj'. Please make sure the file exists and is not write-protected.
Project upgrade failed.

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Re: VHTK in Visual Studio 2005

See User information
If I understand the message correctly, most of it is warnings for the upgrade to a new compiler. Only the last line says something interesting and it says that the project file has either disappeared or is write protected. The VHTK seems to be located in a temporary folder, so I suggest that you unpack the zip-file at a more appropriate location and try to open it again from there.

Posted on: 2006/12/29 4:05
KJ Lundin Palmerius
C Research
Linköping University, Sweden
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Re: VHTK in Visual Studio 2005
Thank you for your quick response. I have never installed software as a Visual Studio project so I wanted to look at VHTK and see what was there but a temporary folder was not apppropriate.
It is just in the past 48 hours that I have downloaded and installed Open Haptics, H3D, (Visual Studio), and VHTK. VHTK compiles but does not link so I am in the process of checking environment variables and paths one more time...

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