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Custom VHTK Rendering Node
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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Hey forum,

I want to leverage the features of the VHTK in my own program. Thanks to the kind tutaledge of Markus and KJ, I've established that the easiest way of making this work is to create my own render node in H3DAPI. The following milestones must be achieved:

1. Compile and execute a simple Node.

2. Get the node to exhibit some form of functionality.

3. Exhibit Render functionality

4. Combine the rendered data with some VHTK functionality

5. Profit!

However - Nothing is ever that simple. Right now I cannot even get to my first milestone. I've stolen some code from the Wiki which gives a simple example of creating a node.

Header file:

// Include needed files here
#include <H3D/X3D.h>
namespace H3D {
myRendererNode: public BaseClass{
myRendererNodeInstFieldType >  _myFieldName 0);
// public virtual functions goes here
    // Fields are specified like this. Where FieldType is one of the types for fields.
    // these are all defined in the files which names start wit "SF" or "MF"
auto_ptrFieldType >  myFieldName;
/// The H3DNodeDatabase for this node.
static H3DNodeDatabase database;
// protected virtual functions goes here.


CPP file:

#include "myRendererNode.h"
#include <H3D/X3D.h>
#include <H3D/X3DNode.h>

using namespace H3D;
// The second argument is NULL if this class is abstract.
H3DNodeDatabase X3DNode::database"myRendererNode",
BaseClass::database );
X3DNodeInternals {
// The third argument is one of INPUT_OUTPUT, OUTPUT_ONLY or INPUT_ONLY.
InstFieldType >  _myFieldName):
myFieldName_myFieldName) {
type_name "NodeTemplate";
database.initFieldsthis );
// other functions

As far as I can tell "BaseClass" doesn't exist and should be replaced by the best fit parent class. I want to build a class that renders volumetric data. Does anyone know which class would be well suited to inherit from? I assume it would be one within the VHTK.


Posted on: 2011/2/28 13:04
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Re: Custom VHTK Rendering Node

See User information
The volume renderer in VHTK has the following definition
class VOLUMEHAPTICS_API VolumeRenderer :
H3D::X3DBoundedObject {

The first will make it placeable in the scenegraph, the second makes it renderable and the final makes it update the near/far planes of the rendering.

I believe there is a Wiki tutorial on how to create a node that renders things but that might be a geometry node.

Posted on: 2011/2/28 15:34
KJ Lundin Palmerius
C Research
Linköping University, Sweden
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