HAPI 1.1.1 released

Date 2010/4/6 11:19:13 | Topic: H3D News

HAPI is an C++ open source cross-platform haptics library. It is extendable and simple to use. It allows for building applications with haptics cababilities or to add haptics to existing applications. The most important update for this release is the capability to handle dynamic haptic objects which as an example is a useful feature when HAPI is coupled with a physics engine.

This is a bug fix release and HAPI 1.1.1 is binary backwards comptabile with HAPI 1.1.

HAPI comes with these capabilities:
- Haptics device independence. Supports a wide range of haptics devices such as devices from SensAble, ForceDimension, Novint and Moog FCS Robotics.
- Haptics primitives:
Free space haptic effects.
Haptics shapes including sphere and triangles.
Surface/contact handling.
- Haptics rendering algorithms. Choose between different haptics rendering algorithms in order to optimize application performance.
- Extend and customize all the capabilities listed above.

The release can be obtained as a Windows installation package or simply as a compressed source package. Download HAPI here.

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