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The SVN client in my version of Eclipse got hosed somehow. A half bottle of wine later I've decided to scrape Eclipse off my system and reinstall... so bear with me this install guide might get a little funky.

The first place to start is to download Eclipse. You can do that at . I recommend getting the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (68 MB) version. You can get the others if you would like, then just install the CDT plugin after you download it.

To get H3D you need to have an SVN client installed. You can download a archive of all the source code without SVN, but I recommend that you get used to using SVN because all the good software seems to be in CVS or SVN.

To install Eclipse you just unzip it and away you go. I'm kinda surprised that in this day and age there isn't a fancy installer for Eclipse. Unzipping and running executables is soooo 90's. For real people. It will ask you a bunch of questions, just fill them in normal like.

To install subverion for Eclipse we are going to use a pluggin. Go to the help directory. In there you should see a software update menu item. Select it. That brings up a pop-up window with a few options. Click on the "Available Software" then select "Add Site...". We need to point it to the web location for our SVN client.

This is the one I'm using. If there is a better one, let me know. Once that is added we will see a new site available in the window. Select the plus sign next to it's name and see what is underneath there. I only selected the Subversive Sources. Everything else seemed to give me an error.  :(

"calculating dependencies blah blah blah"...."installing blah blah"..."deleting old blah blah"..."emailing your credit card info to the mafia blah blah"....

Then it's installed.

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