Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
H3D::BoundaryEnhancementVolumeStyleProvides boundary enhancement for the volume rendering style
H3D::CartoonVolumeStyleUses the cartoon-style nonphotorealistic rendering of the volume
H3D::ComposedVolumeStyleA rendering style node that allows compositing multiple styles together into a single rendering pass
H3D::MIPVolumeStyle::DefaultTransferFunctionField that contains the default transfer function
H3D::OpacityMapVolumeStyle::DefaultTransferFunctionField that contains the default transfer function
H3D::EdgeEnhancementVolumeStyleProvides edge enhancement for the volume rendering style
H3D::FrameBufferTextureThis texture node transfers the current OpenGL depth buffer or color buffer to a texture
H3D::ISOSurfaceVolumeDataDefines a dataset of isosurfaces in the volume data,
H3D::ISOSurfaceVolumeStyleA style version for rendering an ISOSurface
H3D::MarchingCubesThe MarchingCubes geometry is a node for generating an triangle-mesh iso-surface from a volume data set and an iso-value
H3D::MIPVolumeStyleThe Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) volume style uses the voxel data directly to generate output colour based on the maximum and minimum values of voxel data along the viewing rays from the eye point
H3D::OctTreeAllows for the definition of multiresolution data sets that resolve using octants of volume
H3D::MarchingCubes::OctTreeNodeDefines a tree structure for voxel space partitioning where each node is has 8 children dividing the space it contains
H3D::OpacityMapVolumeStyleRenders the volume using the opacity mapped to a transfer function texture
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::RebuildShaderSpecialized field that rebuilds the shader when it updates
H3D::SegmentedVolumeDataDefines a segmented volume data set that allows for representation of different rendering styles for each segment identifier
H3D::MarchingCubes::SFBoundSpecialized to update its Bound from the voxel data routed to it
H3D::OctTree::SFBoundSFBound is specialized to update from the SFBound fields routed to it
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::SFBoundBound is updated from the dimensions field
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::SFEmptySpaceClassificationTexture2DField that calculates a 2D texture depending on current transfer function/render style where the value at tex coord s and t is 0 if all alpha values in the range s(min) to t(max) (after applying transfer function) 0 and 1 otherwise
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::SFEmptySpaceMinMaxTexture3DField that calculates a 2-component 3D texture representing a subdivision of the volume data where the 2 components in each voxel is the minimum and maximum scalar value of voxels
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::SFFilterKernelTextureField that calculates a texture of pre-calcualted vales of the h and g functions used in filtering(see e.g
H3D::WindowFunctionTexture::SFImageSFImage is overridden to update the value from the url and imageLoader fields of the ImageTexture
H3D::MarchingCubes::SFOctTreeField class that updates its internal oct tree and marching cubes triangles according to changes in volume data and iso value
H3D::OpacityMapVolumeStyle::SFPreIntegratedTextureNodeField that calculates a 2D texture containing the pre-integrated values of the transfer function
H3D::ShadedVolumeStyleThe shaded volume style applies traditional local illumination model that is used in polygonal rendering to volume rendering
H3D::SilhouetteEnhancementVolumeStyleProvides silhouette enhancement for the volume rendering style
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::SurfaceNormalsField for automatically computing surface normals from the voxels field routes_in[0] is the voxels field value is the surface normals
H3D::ToneMappedVolumeStyleRenders the volume using the Gooch shading model of two-toned warm/cool colouring
H3D::MarchingCubes::SFOctTree::TransferDataStructure for transferring triangles back when new triangles have been calculated in separate thread
H3D::MarchingCubes::SFOctTree::UpdateDataStructure for transfering data to separate thread to calculate new triangles if thread mode is used
H3D::X3DVolumeNode::UpdateDimensionsField that updates dimensions, texture matrices, and ray step routes_in[0] is the voxels field value is the dimensions
H3D::VolumeDataDefines the volume information to be used on a simple non-segmented volumetric description that uses a single rendering style node for the complete volume
X3DVolumeNodeInternal::VolumeGeometryThe volume geometry is used to build a proxy geometry to draw the volume for ray casting
H3D::VolumeGradientComputes the gradient of the input volume image and stores it as RGBA components in the output image
H3D::WindowFunctionTextureThe WindowFunctionTexture node is basically a filter texture
H3D::X3DComposableVolumeRenderStyleNodeThis abstract node type is the base type for all node types that allow rendering styles to be sequentially composed together to form a single renderable output
H3D::X3DVolumeNodeThis abstract node type is the base type for all node types that describe volumetric data to be rendered
H3D::X3DVolumeRenderStyleNodeThis abstract node type is the base type for all node types which specify a specific visual rendering style to be used

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