HAPI  1.2.0
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oAbstract interface classes. [external]
oAbstract nodes. [external]
oBasic Field types. [external]
oBasic Types [external]
oChai3DRenderer classesThese classes use HAPI but use Chai3D for geometry based haptic rendering and are built in a project separate from HAPI
oField template modifiers. [external]
oH3D specific Node classes. [external]
oH3DUtil classes [external]
oHAPI classesAll grouped classes in HAPI should be in this group
|oAbstract ClassesAn abstract class is a common base class for other classes
|oCollision structuresThese classes contains functions and structures to simplify collision detection for other classes
|oHaptic geometriesThese classes can be used by a renderer to allow for geometry based haptic rendering in HAPI
|oHaptic geometry renderingThese classes takes care of geometry based haptic rendering in HAPI
|oHaptic surfacesThese classes are used to define the behaviour on the surface of shapes
|oHaptics devicesThese classes interfaces to a haptics device of some kind
|oHaptics force effectsThese classes implements some kind of force effect to be renderered on the haptics device
|\Other classesThese classes does not fit in any other categories and can be any kind of class used as help functions or interfaces to other classes
oImage loader functions [external]
oMath functions [external]
oMatrix3d operators. [external]
oMatrix3f operators. [external]
oMatrix4d operators. [external]
oMatrix4f operators. [external]
oOpenHapticsRenderer classesThese classes use HAPI and HL but are built in a separate project
oQuaternion operators. [external]
oQuaterniond operators. [external]
oRotation operators. [external]
oRotationd operators. [external]
oScene-graph nodes. [external]
oTemplate operators. [external]
oVarious help functions [external]
oVec2d operators. [external]
oVec2f operators. [external]
oVec3d operators. [external]
oVec3f operators. [external]
oVec4d operators. [external]
oVec4f operators. [external]
\X3D node classes. [external]