H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd Class Reference
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Rotationd describes an arbitrary rotation. More...

#include <H3DUtil/Rotationd.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Rotationd ()
 Default constructor.
 Rotationd (H3DDouble x, H3DDouble y, H3DDouble z, H3DDouble a)
 Rotationd (const Vec3d &_axis, H3DDouble _angle)
 Rotationd (const Vec3d &n1, const Vec3d &n2)
 Rotationd (const Vec3d &euler_angles)
 Constructor. From Euler angles (yaw, pitch, roll ).
 Rotationd (const Quaterniond &r)
 Constructor. From Quaterniond object.
 Rotationd (const Rotation &r)
 Constructor. From Rotation object.
 Rotationd (const Matrix3d &m)
Vec3d toEulerAngles ()
 Get the euler angles( yaw, pitch, roll ) representation of the Rotationd.
Rotationd slerp (const Rotationd &r, H3DDouble t) const
 Spherical linear interpolation between two Rotationds.

Public Attributes

Vec3d axis
 The axis the rotation is around.
H3DDouble angle
 The angle of the rotation.

Detailed Description

Rotationd describes an arbitrary rotation.

It specifies an axis to rotate around and the angle to rotate.

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