Rotationd operators.
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Operators on Rotationd instances. More...

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 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (H3DDouble x, H3DDouble y, H3DDouble z, H3DDouble a)
 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (const Vec3d &_axis, H3DDouble _angle)
 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (const Vec3d &n1, const Vec3d &n2)
 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (const Vec3d &euler_angles)
 Constructor. From Euler angles (yaw, pitch, roll ).
 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (const Quaterniond &r)
 Constructor. From Quaterniond object.
 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (const Rotation &r)
 Constructor. From Rotation object.
 H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd (const Matrix3d &m)
Vec3d H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::toEulerAngles ()
 Get the euler angles( yaw, pitch, roll ) representation of the Rotationd.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::slerp (const Rotationd &r, H3DDouble t) const
 Spherical linear interpolation between two Rotationds.
bool H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator== (const Rotationd &r1, const Rotationd &r2)
 Test two Rotationd instances for equality.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator- (const Rotationd &r)
 Negation of a Rotationd is the Rotationd around the same axis but in the other direction.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const Rotationd &r, double d)
 Multiplacation by a double.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const Rotationd &r, float f)
 Multiplacation by a float.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const Rotationd &r, int i)
 Multiplacation by a int.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const Rotationd &r, long i)
 Multiplacation by a long.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const float &a, const Rotationd &b)
 Multiplication with float.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const double &a, const Rotationd &b)
 Multiplication with double.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const int &a, const Rotationd &b)
 Multiplication with int.
Rotationd H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const long &a, const Rotationd &b)
 Multiplication with long.
ostream & H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator<< (ostream &os, const Rotationd &r)
 Function for printing a Rotationd to an ostream.
Rotationd H3DUTIL_API H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::operator* (const Rotationd &r1, const Rotationd &r2)
 Multiplication of Rotationd is the composition of the rotations.


Vec3d H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::axis
 The axis the rotation is around.
H3DDouble H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::angle
 The angle of the rotation.

Detailed Description

Operators on Rotationd instances.

See also the template operators for more operators automatically defined from the explicit ones defined here.

Function Documentation

Rotationd::Rotationd ( const Matrix3d m  )  [explicit, inherited]


From Matrix3d that is a rotation matrix. Assumes the matrix is orthogonal.

References H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd().

Rotationd::Rotationd ( const Vec3d n1,
const Vec3d n2 
) [inherited]

H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd ( const Vec3d _axis,
H3DDouble  _angle 
) [inline, inherited]


_axis The axis of the rotation.
_angle The angle of the rotation.

H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Rotationd::Rotationd ( H3DDouble  x,
H3DDouble  y,
H3DDouble  z,
H3DDouble  a 
) [inline, inherited]


x, y, z is the vector to rotate around and a is the angle.

Rotationd Rotationd::slerp ( const Rotationd r,
H3DDouble  t 
) const [inherited]

Spherical linear interpolation between two Rotationds.

r Ending Rotationd
t Interpolation value between 0 and 1.

References H3DUtil::ArithmeticTypes::Quaterniond::slerp().

Vec3d Rotationd::toEulerAngles (  )  [inherited]

Get the euler angles( yaw, pitch, roll ) representation of the Rotationd.

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